by Esther Davis-Thompson

Learning pain…

Perhaps you grew up seeing your mother… or your aunt, your grandmother, your neighbor-women… experiencing that brand of emotional pain that comes from being wounded by the words, the actions, the hands of those who were supposed to love them the most? And now, years later, do they still wear the look of a woman [...]

Should you shed some of your “shoulds”?

I’ll bet your womanspace is harboring more than a few superficial values. I know mine was. Our superficial values are not true functions of our authentic-value systems. They don’t really support our spirit-given agendas, and they don’t line up with our true-Self. They are our acquired values – either acquired from the beliefs of others [...]

are you believing high enough

Are You Believing High Enough?

    How might your life change . . . if you began to believe that you are a blessed woman?   if you began to know that no experience you’ve ever had has damaged you, only made you stronger and so much wiser?   if you came to the understanding that every experience you’ve [...]


We swim, daily, in whatever feelings we are having. Stroking, floating, treading steadily through them, we try to go about our lives. And sometimes, if we aren’t mindful and prayerful about what’s going on inside of us, we can get stuck in some negative spaces and stay there much too long. What if you were [...]

WomanSpace Round-Up for October 25, 2012

Everyday I spend hours reading articles of interest to me from around the web. From time to time I’ll be posting links to some of the articles I think some of you might find interesting. The topics usually include family health, women’s health (specifically), stress reduction, advancements in breast cancer treatments and prevention, wellness/disease prevention [...]

Our Power

The spirits of the old and stronger ones present themselves in the midst of my can’ts to tell me I can.   We have in our mothers and grandmothers . . . those who were survivors . . . powerful examples of how to make it. They believed in God. They believed in working. They [...]


This post and the next few posts will be about Motherhood … excerpts from Reinventing Your MotherSpace: creating a Good and blessed future For Our Children — … This is a Work book. This book is about our trying to do some serious Work on ourselves, in the spirit, for our children. Once, we knew [...]


Do You Know How You Came to Be Who You Are?

To reinvent your womanspace you will have to begin to re-create your perception of yourself and the perceptions you hold of your experiences—particularly those perceptions that you find to be troublesome and painful. Reinvention involves throwing away thoughts and ideas that are no longer (and maybe never were) useful to you, and inviting yourself to [...]