by Esther Davis-Thompson

Hello world!

Are you ready to move your life forward? Well you’ve landed at the right spot. Welcome to the Re-Inventing Your WomanSpace Website! As you choose to walk up out of trouble and head for your High Places, you will need to leave some things behind. You cannot carry the heavy ballast of your past disappointments, your past angers and bitternesses, your past fears and insecurities with you. You will need to wash yourself of these and cease giving them your energy. You will need all of your energy for the new things God has planned for you!

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  1. Debra Stokes says:

    Excellent post. Just another nudge for me to step out of the boat! Thanks for sharing your insights. I hope to visit often.

    1. Esther says:

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. So glad you enjoyed the post. Visit us again soon for more ideas on how we can take steps toward our High Places.

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