by Esther Davis-Thompson
From Trouble to High Places

Believing High

There are reasons why we are as we are, and there are reasons why we act as we do—our beliefs and our personal perceptions of our experiences have molded and shaped us into who we are today.

The way that our inner light shines—or doesn’t shine—inside the womanspace, determines whether we come to expect sunshine or darkness, or perhaps just shadows, in our lives. And, it is what we have come to believe—what we have come to expect to be true—that determines how we live our lives.

Inside each of us there is an ever-changing, emotionally-charged, vibrant kaleidoscope of energy—our womanspace—that determines how we think and feel and act. The spaces of belief in this womanspace are innumerable. Twinkling like so many stars, glistening brightly and alive, each belief we have holds the power to light our lives in its own way and after its own fashion. Some spaces of belief are bright and lovingly charged, and some are ugly. Changing changing . . . all the time, some spaces of belief are multiplying, some are self-deleting, some are acting up and getting inflamed and demanding attention. Some spaces of belief are working miracles inside of us—some are hindering them. Some of our inner belief-spaces are easily corralled into categories like fear, faith, anger, pain, accomplishment, satisfaction, indifference, envy, joy, strength, passion, and some spaces are, yet, undefined—affecting us still.

Each belief we have holds an incredible amount of power to, at any given time, determine our steps, order our days, and to
create our thoughts, our reasons, and our actions. We are indeed fearfully and wonderfully made! (Psalms 139:14) And our thoughts—particularly our thoughts about Self—are extremely powerful shapers of our reality.

Imagine this kaleidoscope-like womanspace inside you. Imagine the gliding of one colored emotion—fear, hope, hopelessness, faith, passion—into another. And imagine further, the churning that can take place within the whole of it, when even one tiny aspect of what you believe changes.

Yet, if you could look inside yourself, you would see one small, simple, solitary space that is unaffected by all the others. It is a lovely, calm and peaceful space, like a placid lake. It is an invariable, yet it moves from side to side and from inner-place to inner-place. And yes, it changes shape —sometimes seeming larger . . . and sometimes smaller. But the substance of this space is never affected by the surrounding spaces, although the surrounding spaces always seem to be transformed by it.

And you begin to realize that this stable space is actually the nucleus of your womanspace. And the more you look inside yourself, the more you are fascinated by, and habitually begin to search for, this nucleus-space. You begin to anchor your searches and muses about your womanspace on the search and holding of this special space. This strongest and most stable of all the spaces. And you begin to notice that the more you go back to look for this nucleus-space, the easier it is to find. And this space just seems to glisten and twinkle in response to your coming to visit again. And, if you were to think about it long enough, you would come to realize that your concentration on this nucleus-space always results in a transformative temperance of all the other spaces around it.

Your awareness of the workings of your womanspace will lead you directly to an awareness about the greatest source of power in a woman’s (or any human being’s) life: your spirit—the only part of you that lives truly unaffected by your experiences.

And, since you are a woman, this inner spirit is your spirit-woman. 

And since she is directly connected to, and receives her strength, her resilience, her wisdom and her essence of being from God . . . she is empowered (Ephesians 3:16). 

That is why she does not turn gray when clouds engulf your womanspace.

And that is why the emotional churnings and gurglings of your womanspace have no effect on her at all.
Her wisdom is not subjective—because it’s straight from God!

And that is why you can be healed . . . truly healed . . . from all the rough experiences you’ve been through—because deep on the inside of you, in that space where your spirit-woman resides, you are healed and whole already.

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