by Esther Davis-Thompson
From Trouble to High Places

Whom Have You Chosen to Be?

I have re-invented myself so many times. It was hard work sometimes—and other times, not so hard—yet always, my re-inventions were the cadres that swept my life from one side of my Red Sea experiences to the other.

Always it was spirit-effort, swirled with my conscious-agreement to believe a high-thought, a daring idea, or a God-breath, that led to my becoming a new growth in the garden of myself. Likewise, daily, re-inventing my womanspace—daily, truly seeking my better way—was/is always about purposefully examining the ocean of psycho/ emotional/spiritual impulses inside of me, and seeking Spirit’s way to look at whatever I’m going through. Striving to think better thoughts about myself and my purpose in this world and learning to value my moments, hours, and days as gifts to be used purposefully—these are my personal principles of re-invention.

Most importantly, I have learned that re-invention involves only oneself and God. As we begin choosing our spirit-woman’s wisdom over our own reasoning and logic, Self aligns with Spirit in a way that results in our becoming wildly real and profoundly aware of the indisputable importance of our lives in the panoramic schema of things.

We are like marvelous gardens, you and I. We can bear fantastic fruit of many kinds. I have decided that I want to experience every possible color in the garden of me . . . and so I am willing to work for it. I want to be shade and I want to be edible. I want to be beautiful and mysterious and passionate. I want to defy all reason . . . and I will . . . because God has given that much power to me.

And the more I am aware of the spiritual significance of where I have been, what I’ve been through, and what I’ve already overcome, the more I am aware of my spirit-woman whispering the confirmation: “Yes, Baby Girl, you are fearfully and wonderfully made.” . . . convincing me that I am on piercing purpose and of fabulous reason.

So, what grows in the garden of you? Have you examined your womanspace lately?

Are you becoming aware of some of the notions that are reigning at the center of your consciousness and determining how you approach your life?

What do you believe about your Self and your life?

Have you chosen to be? And what will you choose to be? Dormant or free?

Good questions, huh?

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