by Esther Davis-Thompson
From Trouble to High Places

High Places

I know a few women who live from hearts that harbor crazy-faith. They walk out lives that are somehow balanced on the pinnacle of a lived-out state of spirit. I can see God’s Spirit combed thoroughly throughout their lives in ways that are both magnificent and startling.

These women have twisted and folded their lives into profound origami that resonates with Divine Wisdom and the peculiar Light of Compassion that could only come from having walked a while through Trouble.

They have spent much concern and conversation on the tedium of loving sometimes-hard-to-love men and mothers and fathers and friends and children.

They have wrestled money to a submissive stance in their consciousness, and have come out into a wide and wealthy place.

They have found power in their own tears and laughter and songs and silent prayers and joyous-praise and love-giving.

And God peeks out, frequently, from behind their clear eyes, as they go about doing their Woman-Work.

These women live on their High Places, and they have clung to their Highest Selves, through bouts of depression, and through the loss of husbands and lovers, mothers and sisters and precious babies. They have braved broken hearts and busted visions that, like broken veins, have threatened to stop the flow of God-Breath throughout their lives. They have ridden portentous waves of empty promises and torn relationships, hard commitments and hammered duties. They’ve known sick-swollen wombs and cancered breasts. They’ve waded through lakes of tearlessness, seas of abysmal sadness, and oceans of moments when there was not anything to say. And yet, I heard you Dr. Angelou . . . and still they rose! Against and beyond all logic they permeated the struggles and morphed themselves into pink and purple tulips that broke new frozen ground and created new species of themselves. Reaching beyond their own dead cells of reason, they regenerated themselves and heralded a new season of their own being.

These women have shown me that there is something about woman that can spawn . . . herself . . . give birth to herself . . . to raise herself . . . to be herself . . . to un-delineate herself . . . to re-dream herself . . . to then re-be herself.

They’ve shown me that the passionate potential of a woman to overcome anything, and everything, is truly awesome!

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