by Esther Davis-Thompson

What Is the Thing That Your Mind Keeps Wavering On?

Eventually we have to make the hard decisions, or have them made for us.

Arriving at a decision about a certain aspect of your life does not necessarily mean that you are ready to take immediate action on that decision. What it does mean is that you are creating a space of awareness within yourself and laying the spiritual groundwork for a certain necessary change to take place. You are, essentially, being honest with yourself about what you want to happen. You are establishing your pure intention about this matter, and you are positioning yourself to act toward making this decision a part of your reality.

Today . . . take the time to think through that thing you’ve been needing to think about. Clarify a certain truth for yourself that you’ve been needing to clarify. Work toward making a decision based on that truth. Be prayerful. Be faith-filled. Be vigilant. Be positive.

Move forward.

(From Trouble to High Places: Meditations For Women Who Are So Ready to Cross the Bridges That Lead to Joy! Copyright 2009 Esther Davis-Thompson)

Love & Light,

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