by Esther Davis-Thompson

Mothering is Divine Work, and Divine Work requires Divine Connections

Sometimes this mission of mothering looks too painful, too arduous, too impossible. Your task may be to wrestle the principles with your child. Your task may be to soften his heart, or teach her focus or discipline, to build him up or open her eyes. Chances are you will have to do all of the above.

You may have learned to do more of some things and less of others. The conditions in your life may not be as you would have them be. You may feel too young or too old . . . or just not up to this. Your checkbook may say you’re too poor. But apparently, right in the face of all of the adverse conditions and opinions, God has appointed you to the precious and favored position of “Mother, Mama, Mom, Ma, Momma, Mommy.” God apparently wants your child to walk through these experiences with you. God has appointed you. 

God’s Wisdom is infinite. It goes way back and it goes way forward. God gave you the mother you have so that you would come to mother the child you have in a certain way. God will supply what you need and prepare you to do all that you will have to do—if you ask.

God will teach you the ropes. Send you helpers. And counselors. Strength. Peace. And Courage.

Believe that this mothering task is the work God chose you to do.

Love & Light,

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