by Esther Davis-Thompson

Walking into the Future…

We are the generation of women who must re-start the living of what we instinctively know.

We are the generation of women who must pay attention so that we can come to know ourselves, and know who we are to God: the Peace-loving, Nurturing hands of God; the Creative, Working hands of God.

We are the generation of mothers who must pay willing attention so the next generation of mothers can know who they are . . . and the next generation and the next generation and the next.

We have to be walking and talking and praying in the Spirit . . . without ceasing . . . or we will not survive. We can all feel this. We are knowing this right now. There is an urgency in the air! There seems to be a silent danger siren sounding that so many of us hear, and we look in each other’s faces for confirmation, and we look to each other to be sure that someone else is going through this . . . and that we are not crazy.  

But we aren’t crazy. In the Spirit there is so much work to do. So much demand for prayer warriors. So much feeding of the spiritually starved to be done. So much teaching and preaching, comforting and pushing along a path. We don’t have time to wonder, anymore, whether we are capable. We have to walk, gaining capability. And there is no more time to wonder if our daughters will make it to the highest end of themselves. We have to grab them by the hand and pull them along, no matter how old they are.

The time for planning has passed, and now we are to join the procession of women walking in their knowing to their High Places of Faith. Holy Spirit is shining like the sun and is our Wisdom.

Faith is no longer an option but a necessity. The future that has been waiting outside of our world is now in our faces, and the time of allowance for our uncertainty has passed.

We are the generation of women who have to pay attention and listen to what the Spirit of God is saying so that we will know in which direction to begin walking.

From Raising Up Queens: Loving Our Daughters Loud and Strong

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