by Esther Davis-Thompson

Do you believe that there are High Places with your name on them?

How often have you been brought to the edge of an opportunity . . . only to back away when it was time to leap forward?

How many times have you swallowed your truth because you feared that the consequences of being that honest . . . that telling—about how you really felt or what you really wanted to do—would be less than bearable for someone, or for yourself?

How often have you accepted defeat, before you even entered the race, because you doubted your own ability to succeed and doubted God’s ability to be a sufficiently powerful partner? 

Have you ever found yourself living out what someone else thought your life should be about . . . and not what you suspected/knew it should be about?

Have you had a certain dream simmering on the back burner of your life for so long that all the flavor and passion seems to have simmered out of it?

Have you secretly forbidden yourself to dream new dreams?

When we don’t believe that we are entitled to a better life . . . we don’t believe High. When we don’t believe High for ourselves we wind up crafting all kinds of self-sabotaging behaviors that create barriers and, logically, keep us in Trouble.

My references to our having “High Places” comes from Habakkuk 3:19: “God will give us hinds’ feet and set us upon our High Places.” (The hind being a deer-like animal that can conquer even the most treacherous mountain terrain.) And there are two things to note here: The first is that God will give us hinds’ feet—meaning that this state of power and wisdom, grace and well-being, is a gift, not something earned. It has to come from God . . . through the spirit-woman inside us.

This state of spiritual empowerment is not something we can manufacture or create for ourselves, it is something we have to ask God for, and then expect to receive. 

The second thing we need to note: this scripture says that after God has given us (through the tests and trials of our life-experiences?) this bounding and rebounding power of a hind, we will be set upon our High Places. Therefore, it seems that it’s the use of our hinds’ feet that will transport us to this new land of mountain-top experiences.

From struggling through our days . . . to striding like Queens, blazing new pathways by faith and high-belief . . .

From Trouble . . . to High Places.

Perhaps, only a woman who has been excruciatingly low could ever yearn enough to reach that High.

Do you think God doesn’t know that?

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