by Esther Davis-Thompson

What Have You Been Believing About Yourself and Your Life?

As you go about trying to straighten out your life, you might be surprised to find that the culprit responsible for blocking your goals, upsetting your apple-carts and, generally, sabotaging all your efforts is . . . You. Wielding a plethora of low-belief thoughts, swinging them around recklessly like double-edged swords, we effectively slash through all of our best hopes and rip our dreams to shreds. High Places lives aren’t born of low-belief thinking. And the best thing that could happen is for us to actually catch ourselves in the act . . .
Today, examine your self-talk. What do you say to yourself all day? What kinds of thoughts run through your mind like a river of living waters, feeding your perceptions and determining your actions? Have you formulated a laundry-list of reasons why you’re stuck in Trouble? And another corresponding list of reasons why you need to stay in Trouble? Reasons like—“I’m too old to make changes in my life . . . I’m in too much debt to go back to school . . . I’ve invested too much in this bad situation to jump ship now . . . I’m needed here, so I can’t move forward . . . or . . . God won’t do this for me”—will continue to hold us hostage until we start making conscious decisions to believe higher for ourselves.

Today, see how many times you can catch yourself thinking negative thoughts about yourself. CHOOSE to believe higher about yourself and your possibilities. DECIDE that you will leave your Trouble . . . for your High Places . . . and you will miraculously be shown a way to go.

There is this thing that happens. This thing that happens in the psyche and moves all through the psycho-emotional centers of a woman. It is the transient movement of all that we believe coursing through us, throughout all of our physical, spiritual and emotional paths of Self. Throughout the very blood and cells of us. Coloring us and defining us and telling us who we are and what we will do in any given situation.

Journeying toward your High Places requires you to begin to inhabit your Highest Self. Once you have identified yourself as living in Trouble, you will have to choose to meet God on the path toward your High Places. 

You will have to begin choosing to adopt the mindsets you will need to live more as your Higher Self than as your lower, troubled, Self.

You will have to choose to defy the gravity of Troubled-life, as you have known it. 

You will have to choose to allow faith, not fear, to rule your steps. 

You will have to choose to allow your forgiving spirit to rule your mind and your relationships. 

You will have to choose to believe that your Creator-God is mindful of you, will be your strength, and will empower you to walk upon your High Places.

From Trouble to High Places: Meditations For Women Who Are So ready to Cross the Bridges That Lead to Joy! Copyright 2009, Esther Davis-Thompson

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