by Esther Davis-Thompson

Who Do You Think You Are?

You are who you think you are. 

You are as worthy of receiving good love as you think you are. 

You are as capable of creating, developing and actualizing your visions as you think you are.

So, who have you been thinking you are? Ms. Hopeful? Ms. Capable? Ms. Pitiful? Ms. Sad? Ms. Fearful? Ms. Doubtful? Ms. Faithful? Ms. Courage?

And, what is it that you want?

New health?

New strength?

New love?

New peace?

New faith?

A new home?

A new job?

A new life?

You’ve probably been thinking that the Trouble in your life was caused by the choices you’ve made or the family you have. Or maybe you think you’re in Trouble because of a certain relationship, or your weight, your looks, your money situation, your responsibilities, your job, or some past experience. But the truth is, what keeps you bound to your address in Trouble is whatever thoughts you’ve been having about these issues.

Whenever you find yourself residing in Trouble, you can believe that your low beliefs about yourself are what’s to blame. Changing those beliefs will unlock the doors you’ve been pounding on.

When we believe High we seek differently. When we believe High we ask differently, and we find ourselves listening more to the mysteries of Spirit than to the din of daily life—we are divinely enabled to see obscure and improbable possibilities. When we believe High, our minds go off seeking hidden things and, astonishingly, discover treasures lurking in the oddest of places . . . and in the most unlikely people.

From Trouble to High Places: Meditations For women Who Are So Ready to Cross the Bridges That Lead to Joy! Copyright 2010 Esther Davis-Thompson

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