by Esther Davis-Thompson

Are you keeping your dreams waiting?

Are you thinking one life in your womanspace . . . but living another in your day-to-day reality?

Do you feel as if your outer-Self is walking way out of tune with your spirit-Self?

Are you feeling as if your inner-spaces are not settled, and not at peace?

And have you been wishing you could make some changes?

A good place to start? Ask yourself— “Is my High Places life full blown and blooming in my imagination? Am I beginning to get a sense of who I am as my Highest Self?”

If so, this is a good thing. The fact that you feel unsettled and dissatisfied with your day-to-day reality is also a good thing. Your inner-woman is trying to show you some ways in which you’re not living your best possible life . . . and she wants you to pay attention.

We all have a little Voice of Protection. A spirit-voice that persistently suggests that we could have a life with more peace, more courage, more love, more strength . . . and that we are entitled to occupy a wealthy and abundant space of being. It’s time to listen to that voice as she dreams up dreams and joyful visions. Stop drowning her out! Stop shushing her! Her willingness to dream is your Blessing! God never said you couldn’t have dreams. In fact, we were created to dream and envision.

Realize that you can stand right now, by faith, already empowered, and in a state of grace. Let that thought be your new mindset and your new confirmation of the power you were born with to get yourself to wherever you want to go.

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