by Esther Davis-Thompson

What change does your spirit-woman want to create?

Re-inventing your womanspace has everything to do with honoring your creativity. Imagining new things. Dreaming and envisioning. Exploring your passions and your wonder. Taking every opportunity to bring new, good things into existence!

How can you spark your creativity? (Creativity is always needed to approach the path to your High Places.) You can start with these questions:

What in your life is already good and right?

What would you like to see more of?

What do you fancy? What do you really like doing?

What could you do in your little corner of the world, today, that would make your inner-woman smile?

Could you make one little change?

What small thing could you create today?

What small change could you create?

Do you know that positive change is sacred?

When you move a chair, or place a flower, plant a seed or make a skirt, speak your truth or give some love, you are creating change. You are causing something that never was to be. You are creating something where there was nothing. You are moving energy from one state of being to another. You are focusing your power, like a laser, to create change.

Change begets change.

Little changes can make you think you could make bigger changes.
You are up and moving forward.

Start with this thought: You are moving forward.

This is a new day for you.

You have decided to commit yourself to creating a better life for yourself.

Hug yourself. (Really!)

Celebrate. (Really!)

Be thankful that you’ve come to this place of mind.
Make it real to yourself by saying it aloud . . . and then writing it down and tucking it away for safekeeping—

“Today, I am taking a step toward re-creating my life.

I am walking toward the many bridges that will lead me to Joy!

I am reaching for my High Places. “

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