by Esther Davis-Thompson
From Trouble to High Places

How Do You Handle the Hard Stuff?

Give It To God.

I know . . . this sounds way too simple. But it’s the best way I know to handle those seemingly impossible sticklers of real-life. Do what you can . . . give what stumps you to God. That’s truly how I’ve come to live my life.

Do you remember, as a child, when you picked up something that could harm you, your mother would say—“Give it here! Give it to me!”

Do you remember that?

Well, there are still times when we insist on picking up and holding on to things that we’re better off without. Things that we don’t understand the workings of. And heavy things that we’ve carried for so long, and become so familiar with, that we don’t realize they’re creating holes in our womanspace and making us act other than who we truly are.

Today . . . sit in Spirit for a time. Think about that thing that’s worrying you, dominating your thoughts, and determining the color of your days. Give this thing that is broken, cracked, dirty, wrong, too hard, and too tiresome . . . to God. Give the impossible thing that sits heavy in the middle of your mind, and in the middle of your life, to God . . . and let God deal with it. Let Spirit do what Spirit does—work things out Divinely. Have that much faith. And keep reminding yourself that this is no longer your battle to fight. It’s Spirit’s battle now. Refuse to give so much thought to it anymore. Pray about it. Leave it alone.


My God,
Today, I am thankful . . .
for the health I do have,
for the strength I do have,
for the hope I do have,
and for the wisdom I do have.
For the family you’ve given me,
for the friends you’ve given me,
and the love you’ve placed in my life.
For the peace you’ve given me
and for the clarity you’ve given me.
For answers to prayers,
and for solutions to problems
(especially those I didn’t expect).
For fullness of heart on some days
and for my aching heart on other days.
For the experiences that stretched me
and for the experiences that bled my heart clean.
I am thankful, Lord,
for your reasons,
and your purposes.
For the things I understand
and the things I don’t.

From Trouble to High Places: Meditations for Women Who Are So Ready to Cross the Bridges That Lead to Joy!

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