by Esther Davis-Thompson
From Trouble to High Places

Are You Aware of the Power Exchange Within Your Relationships

Being part of a relationship is like being in a certain kind of box. Every relationship has its own foundation, specific boundaries, and special rules. Each relationship has its own flavor and brand of love. Our relationship boxes become an invisible field of energy that surround us as we go about doing what we do. And although our circumstances and other outside affectations can cause our relationships to evolve, alter and morph into another stage of the same thing, our roles in a particular relationship only really change into something different when one party or the other initiates that change.
. . . Step . . .
Today think about the most influential relationship in your life . . . the relationship that most determines how your day goes. . . the relationship that paints a picture of you in your mind. Is it with your husband or significant other? Or perhaps with your mother, your child, your sibling, or a friend? 

What color is the box that defines this relationship? 

Is this a color that pleases you? Or disturbs you?

What seat do you sit in, in this relationship? 

An authoritative seat?

A partner seat?

A beloved seat?

A capable seat?

A powerless seat?

A happy seat?

A frightened seat?

A sad seat?

And inside the box of this relationship, when you look in the mirror at yourself, what do you see? How do you look?

Do you look good . . . or no?

Do you feel good?

Does this relationship enhance your well-being? 

Does this relationship offer you opportunities to enhance the well-being of another?

Does this relationship encourage you to become your Highest Self?

How would you like for this relationship to stay the same? 

How would you like for this relationship to change?

Are there steps you need to take to change who you are in this relationship? …..

From Trouble to High Places: Meditations for Women Who Are So Ready to Cross the Bridges That Lead to Joy!

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