by Esther Davis-Thompson

Are You Ready to Receive More?

Nothing good can happen for us until we, first, open ourselves to the possibility of receiving our good and then proceed to lay the spiritual groundwork of believing for it to happen. Not our best health. Not true wealth. Not a peaceful life. Not healthy, happy children. Not a beautiful home or a lovely garden. In fact, nothing much really. Unless we are willing to pray, to believe and focus, to ponder, to analyze, scrutinize, and then take the steps required to purposefully mutilate a current state of being, in surrender to a new momentum led by our spirits, we can’t move beyond the place we now occupy.
New energy to move forward . . . new focus and concentration . . . the ability to press forward, upward, and on toward the place we want to be . . . new power in any form has to come from our Creator.

New blessings come only from our Creator. 

So, when your personal reserves are running low—when there is something that you need—do you think you should ask for more . . . from your Creator? 

When you can feel yourself being defeated by some aspect of your life, do you remember to ask the one who created you for more power over your circumstances?

When you feel your body failing, do you ask for more health?

When you don’t have enough money to do what you need and want to do, do you ask for opportunities to create more wealth for yourself? 

When you can’t come up with a new idea or a better solution to the problem that’s presently pressing you hard, do you sit in Spirit, and ask for more . . . ?

Do you sometimes feel as though you lack the strength to walk toward the desires of your heart?

Your spirit-woman, who hears directly from God, lives strong in you. Listen . . . and learn from her.

How would she go about walking out the life that you envision?

What would she do first?

What would she do next?

And, after that?….

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