by Esther Davis-Thompson
From Trouble to High Places

With Whom Are You Walking?


Today, think about the people around you. Do they stir a high energy within you, or do they make you sink down into the lowest places of yourself?

Is there someone who seems to help you to step up higher into yourself every time you talk to them? Is there someone who intimidates you? Is there someone who frequently belittles you? Is there someone who seems to understand you without your having to go through undue explanations about things? Is there someone who makes your mind and spirit feel good?

As you become more and more aware of the nullifying effect that some people have on your ability to move forward, you will come to understand the importance of associating with people who are a positive force in your life. You will free yourself to be able to offer some Love to everyone you come into contact with . . . yet you’ll also know when to stop short of throwing your beating heart to hungry lion-folks.

You’ll be free to give of yourself to anyone who has a true need, but you’ll also know to think twice before offering your last bit of water to those who have a habit of, somehow, cracking every glass they own.

You’ll be free to love others strong, yet, you’ll know to be wary of those who keep refusing to heal . . . and seem to ex-pect you to stay in their unhealed zone with them.

In all of your relationships, listen carefully for the intuitive voice of your spirit-woman. Pay attention, and she will tell you everything you need to know.

Staying in relationships that we know aren’t good for us makes it harder for us to move forward out of our Trouble.

Trying to walk, for too long, with people who aren’t going in the same direction we are, just drives us deeper into Trouble.

Excerpt from From Trouble to High Places: Meditations For Women Who Are So Ready to Cross the Bridges That Lead to Joy! Copyright 2009 Esther Davis-Thompson

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