by Esther Davis-Thompson
From Trouble to High Places

Are You Ready to Make this Journey?

Each of our life-experiences has given us a platform to stand on . . . and a gift to give.

Each one of us could say “I have been here . . . and I have been there . . . and . . . LOOK At ME!

I have come through to a better side of things. This is what I’ve learned . . . and this is what I can share with you.”

And it’s only this attitude that will set you on your path to your High Places.

Self-pity will not.

Fear of moving forward . . . will not.

Fear of being hurt . . . again . . . will not.

Your responses to your life experiences will determine your direction. The hard work of real-life will either inspire you to reach for your High Places . . . or scare you into hiding out in Trouble until your life is over. You get to choose.

If you choose to leave Trouble, you will need some new way of being to walk toward, because your first step away from Trouble will be your first step toward your High Places. So, today, ask yourself these questions:

“What am I choosing to walk away from?”

And even more importantly—“What am I choosing to walk toward?”


Excerpt from From Trouble to High Places: Meditations for Women Who Are So Ready to Cross the Bridges that lead to Joy! copyright 2009 Esther Davis-Thompson

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