by Esther Davis-Thompson
From Trouble to High Places

Can You See Yourself on Your High Places?

There are several things that can keep us in a larva state of never becoming who we are really capable of being. Major on that list are the relationships that tie us to our old ways of being.

By far, the most life-altering relationship we’ll ever have is the relationship we have with Self. Yet, in Trouble we tend to stop loving and accepting ourselves for who we really are. We stop supporting our real emotions and our real truths, and we put all our energy into crafting constantly evolving tactics to enable ourselves to survive our stay in Trouble.

Trouble is an ugly mirror that rarely offers us a glimpse of our true-Self. Every self-image we form in Trouble is reflected back to us distorted. Our Trouble self-images can make us look so bad to ourselves that, if we aren’t careful, we can venture into a realm of self-loathing.

Now, know this: Who you were in Trouble is not who you really are. Whereas in Trouble you were, mainly, a reactive being, you are different as your pro-active, High-Places Self.

Today, begin to build a new relationship with your Self. Imagine yourself on your High Places—separated and far away from the elements of your Trouble. On your High Places you are truly yourself. With your mind made up and your confidence in place . . . with your beliefs set high and your spirit leading the way . . . with your mind focused and your passion following your wonder . . . you are indeed quite different, I assure you!


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  1. Sarah says:

    I absolutely love this!!! The most important relationship we have in life is with ourselves. Lets leave our troubles behind to get to our “high places”.

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