by Esther Davis-Thompson
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Are you ready to leave your fear zone?

Women Stepping BridgesYes, our fears like to boom in our minds in a loud, action-arresting, nasty voice. Fear is definitely an attention-hog, demanding that we drop everything and listen as it warns of the impending disaster and failure and destruction that might happen.

Your fear has the power (that you have given it) to derail every positive train of thought you come up with— stopping you from heeding your growing pains and taking the steps you need to be taking to move your life forward. But you can stop it from taking over if you start to develop awareness about just how often fear has been showing up and reigning in your life. If you’re not sure of your personal fear quotient, ask yourself this: How many decisions has fear made for you lately?

In the last month?

In the last week?

In the last two days?

How about in the last hour?

Understand that the only way to shut down the fear you feel about any situation is to pump up your song of Faith. Drown fear out. Fear’s wrong. Even if the dreaded thing happens. Even if the thing that you so don’t want to have happen . . . happens, it will not be the way fear has been threatening that it will.

And know that the more you depend on Spirit to show you the areas of your life that require spiritual work, the less power fear will have over you.

Remember the “Mother May I?” game? Well, on your life journey, you are both mother (who gives permission) and baby (who takes the steps). And, if mother is a big old scaredy cat—who’s afraid to take risks or venture a thought outside the box—baby’s growth is going to be considerably thwarted.
In some instances, especially where fear is concerned, it may help you to think of yourself as the child, and your spirit-woman as mother—the inner one who fuels your best decisions and weighs the criteria on every situation in your life. Realize that your spirit-woman’s instruction resonates with Divine Wisdom . . . and honor her for choosing to grow you up.


Excerpt from From Trouble to High Places: Meditations for Women Who Are So Ready to Cross the Bridges that lead to Joy! Copyright 2009 Esther Davis-Thompson


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