by Esther Davis-Thompson
Raising Up Queens

Believing High

Sometimes when something is wrong in our life, there is no other way to make our crooked places straight than to start walking right into the middle of the mess. Stop focusing on all the things that went wrong before now and start looking forward . . . walking forward . . . toward the way that we want things to be.

How often do we stop ourselves from taking steps in the direction of our good because we have this image in our minds of what people walking toward their good look like? Are you stopping yourself from taking a step forward because you’re afraid you’ll bomb out? Because you think you don’t have the right clothes?  Because someone might find out that you live in the wrong part of town? Because you doubt your ability to take step C after you have taken steps A and B? How often do we think up reasons why we can’t leave trouble and head for our High Places?

Some of us are living in situations so precarious that we’re hanging on to our sanity by a thin string of insanity! So, how do you get out of an insane situation? By using insane Faith! Faith that makes no logical sense at all. By believing so High that it makes no sense at all. By believing that what you need will appear because you believe you are doing what God would like to see you doing. By stepping out with foot in mid-air to do the thing that’s in your heart to do, that which you’ve been waiting and wishing and hoping and praying to do . . . one day.

 Decide that today you have just run out of excuses not to take the first step toward it. And start believing.

The money you need to do the thing you need to do will come. Believe.

The help you need will come. Believe it.

Start believing that you are a Queen in the Spirit standing up and doing what needs to be done to walk forward, heading for your High Places.


Excerpt from Raising Up Queens: Loving Our Daughters Loud and Strong, Innisfree Press, Inc., 2000. Copyright Esther Davis-Thompson.

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