by Esther Davis-Thompson
From Trouble to High Places WomanSpace Self-Questions

Do You Know How You Came to Be Who You Are?


To reinvent your womanspace you will have to begin to re-create your perception of yourself and the perceptions you hold of your experiences—particularly those perceptions that you find to be troublesome and painful.

Reinvention involves throwing away thoughts and ideas that are no longer (and maybe never were) useful to you, and inviting yourself to think differently.

You will have to apply a healing balm of Divine Wisdom to your emotional wounds.

You will have to hold and rock the baby-girl inside you, who needed to be rocked way back then—or maybe yesterday.

You will have to mother yourself with the understanding and unconditional love of our Creator.

You will have to look at yourself and remember exactly what you’ve been through, and what you’ve done, and what has been done to you, and choose to, unconditionally, love yourself strong about it.

You will have to know that, always . . . always, you did the best you could do, given who you were at that time.

This will free you to move up into a higher space of self-knowing, where you can love yourself better.

For right now, stop censoring your thoughts. Allow them to flow fully from raw emotion—without any self-judgment, guilt, or fear. Acknowledge what you’re feeling . . . what you’re going through emotionally. Sit with your Self and listen to her thoughts as you would the thoughts of a dear friend. Respect Self at least that much. Love your Self at least that much.

Today . . . begin to do your Self the kindness of remembering, in detail, exactly how you got to where you are. Sit with yourself, for as many days as it takes, to begin to understand how you came to be who you are today.

Then you will begin to know what steps to take, what prayers to say, what forgivenesses to offer, and what healing to seek . . . to point yourself in the direction of where you want to go.


Excerpt from From Trouble to High Places: Meditations for Women Who Are So Ready to Cross the Bridges that Lead to Joy! Copyright 2009 Esther Davis-Thompson.

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