by Esther Davis-Thompson
Re-Inventing Your MotherSpace

Our Power

The spirits of the old

and stronger ones

present themselves

in the midst of my can’ts

to tell me I can.


We have in our mothers and grandmothers . . . those who were survivors . . . powerful examples of how to make it.

They believed in God. They believed in working. They took pride in creating their own home spaces.

One day we look up and realize we’re walking a powerless walk. We still have our power, but it’s unexercised and weak.

We have to re-discover ourselves. Remember? We are the descendants of mighty women who drew the power to create, to work, to dream, to facilitate, to nurture, build, sow, reap, and tear down strongholds as naturally as they drew breath from their God.

I hear them praying. Don’t you?

Don’t you hear them praying and praising and singing and shouting? Don’t you see them dancing their old feet to Faith rhythms . . . stepping everywhere?

There was power in their gratitude. . . power in their praising . . . power in their hope and in their Faith. . . power in their loving . . . power in their trusting in their God-Creator . . . power in their knowing for certain what they believed.

And so it is for us. You and me. And so it is. Hallelujah!

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