by Esther Davis-Thompson

WomanSpace Round-Up for October 25, 2012

Everyday I spend hours reading articles of interest to me from around the web. From time to time I’ll be posting links to some of the articles I think some of you might find interesting. The topics usually include family health, women’s health (specifically), stress reduction, advancements in breast cancer treatments and prevention, wellness/disease prevention tips and tactics, parenting, and relationships.  I’ll spare you the political stuff … that’s already slapping you in the face at every turn, right? (‘Though, for the record, you can’t tell me that in their truest guts President Obama and Governor Romney didn’t want to slap each others’ faces during the debates — after all diplomacy is a learned response and I’m talking pure human response here.)  Anyway… check out my favorite reads from this morning:

In a Marlo Thomas article/slideshow called Simple Tips to Reduce Stress “with recommendations from the likes of Dr. Oz, Deepak Chopra, Arianna Huffington and other guests from Mondays With Marlo“, Deepak Chopra says to prepare to ride out stress “by ensuring you have laughter, exercise, sleep, meditation, imagination, visualization, massage and sex in your life.”  Hmmm… I’m making a checklist now… Check out the article at:

Here you can read Allie Compton’s article – Rachel Held Evans, Author of “A Year of Biblical Womanhood”, Spent A Year Living the Bible Literally|customfirefox|dl11|sec3_lnk3%26pLid%3D225344#slide=1675988

And here… Several good articles from about current efforts to conquer breast cancer and other cancers using curcumin (turmeric), quercetin, resveratrol, fiber and more … Good reads for everyone wanting to keep abreast of the developments in breast cancer treatments and prevention, especially those who, like me, have personal experience with this dreadful disease:





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