by Esther Davis-Thompson
are you believing high enough
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Are You Believing High Enough?



Believing High graphic

How might your life change . . .

if you began to believe that you are a blessed woman?


if you began to know that no experience you’ve ever had has damaged you, only made you stronger and so much wiser?


if you came to the understanding that every experience you’ve had thus far was preparing you to minister to . . . to have a special compassion for . . . someone, somewhere?


if you started remembering that you have an infinite source of power inside you, just waiting to be switched on?


if you started thinking that you are resourceful enough to create the life you want to live . . . have the career you want to have, or build the business you want to build . . . and started realizing that it’s awesomely important for you to believe your visions into reality for yourself and others?


if you understood that the people who hurt you, hurt you because they couldn’t do any better, not because you were less than them . . . or just born to be hurt?


if you suddenly realized that your tomorrows don’t necessarily have to be determined by your yesterdays?


if you could see that you came to this life with a purpose as important as the purpose anyone else has?


if you truly believed that you could fly above all of your difficult circumstances and earthly reasons, to leave miracles in your trail?



Excerpt from From Trouble to High Places: Meditations for Women Who Are So Ready to Cross the Bridges that Lead to Joy!  ©2009 Esther Davis-Thompson



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