“I had a woman-centered childhood. All around me the most beautiful Real Women swarmed and fussed and tended and cleaned and sewed and did hair and talked and laughed and cried and prayed and sang. And all of my adult life I have tried to figure out how they grew to be as wonderful as they were.


Somehow these women took the essence of the raw experiences that life handed them and spun it into enough golden rope to pull up the children. And my secret prayer has always been to be as Strong, as Proud, as Loving, Capable, Orderly, Calm, and Real and Resilient and Beautiful and Present and Powerful as they were.”
(from Raising Up Queens: Loving Our Daughters Loud and Strong, innisfree Press 2000, Copyright Esther Davis-Thompson)

About the Website

The Re-Inventing Your WomanSpace website was created by Esther Davis-Thompson for women who feel stuck and would love to get their life moving forward. Maybe what you’re trying to do is move your life forward emotionally, or maybe you need to get busy creating a more positive and balanced lifestyle. Maybe you’re stuck in a dire or dangerous situation. Whatever your case may be, chances are if you’re still reading this, this website has something for you. The theme of the website is moving our lives from Trouble to High Places by re-inventing our womanspaces — our inner workings, our beliefs, our self-talk, and mindset.

About the Author

Born and raised at the South Jersey Shore, the eldest of 5 children, Esther says that she has always felt like a mother. First with her siblings . . . and later with her own 10 children, nurturing and caring for young people has always been an integral part of her life.

After earning a Degree in English, and Teaching Certification in Early Childhood Education from Douglass College (Rutgers University) Esther married her college sweetheart and began building her own family. Even while mothering full-time and creating a home, she managed to snatch moments here and there to write poems and short articles, and eventually, three inspirational books for women- Re-Inventing Your MotherSpace (2nd Edition of MotherLove), Raising Up Queens, and From Trouble to High Places.

The central themes of Esther’s books are women’s empowerment and spiritual-connectedness. Her first two books are about mothering-but these aren’t your typical mothering books. Both Re-Inventing Your MotherSpace and Raising Up Queens focus on the need for mothers to take care of themselves, to nurture themselves, and to be grounded in a power higher than themselves. These books hold true to Esther’s belief that . . . “You just can’t parent well if you’re trying to do it all in your own strength.” In From Trouble to High Places, her first book that isn’t about mothering, Esther talks about the importance of believing high. “Whenever you find yourself residing in, not just passing through,Trouble, she writes, it’s what you believe about yourself and your life that’s to blame. Changing your negative beliefs will help you to unlock the doors you’ve been pounding on.”

In addition to her books for women, Esther has published articles in Family Circle and The Other Side magazines. She currently lives in Lawnside, New Jersey, with her husband and their children.