WomanSpace WorkShops



The Re-Inventing Your WomanSpace WorkShop is based on From Trouble to High Places: Meditations for Women Who Are So Ready to Cross the Bridges That Lead to Joy!

 ”Do you feel as though you’ve been living in Trouble for much too long? Are you ready to see what your High Places might hold for you? Are you ready to find a better way to live your life?…”

WomanSpace Workshop discussions revolve around issues of fear, faith, re-perpecting our experiences, self-understanding, self-acceptance and strategies for leaving our comfort zones for whole-life empowerment. The themes central to all WomanSpace Workshops encourage women to amp up their self-awareness, challenge their old thinking patterns, change  negative mindsets, to integrate their energies of mind, body and spirit, and to realize God as their greatest power source.


The MotherLove WorkShop is based on Re-Inventing Your MotherSpace: Creating A Good and Blessed Future For Our Children.

 Come, let us reason together. 

How can we grow our children strong?

Grow our daughters like beautiful sunflowers,

worthy and wonderful, with faces full of sun! 

Grow our sons like sturdy oaks

with the bendability of willows —

able to catch the wind, withstand, and ride. 

Daughters and sons

walking in the Wisdom of the Spirit…


The MotherLove Workshop is designed to help women realize that the quality of the emotions, the spiritual beliefs, and the personal convictions we hold in that psycho/emotional/spiritual space — the MotherSpace — inside of us, determines the quality of the “MotherLove” we offer to our children, daily. Open discussion, sharing experiences, identifying principles key to good parenting, candidly discussing some prevalent problems and some likely solutions. This workshop encourages an honest look at the effects of our inner workings upon our parenting actions and reactions… and encourages women to honestly evaluate certain situations that exist in their lives for the good… or the damage… it can do themselves and their children. A workbook, featuring questions and exercises designed to help participants “re-invent their motherspaces”, uses passages from Re-Inventing Your MotherSpace: Creating a Good and Blessed Future For Our Children as a springboard for down-to-earth discussions about all aspects of mothering.


The Raising Our Daughters/ Raising Ourselves WorkShop is based on Raising Up Queens: Loving Our Daughters Loud and Strong.

“You see… you are her starting place and her growing place,

her enabling place and her opening place,

her moving-forth-from-place.

And if you will come to sing your most-real songs

loud enough and clearly enough,

she will soon come to know her own voiceFor mothers and daughters —-”

Guided discussions, sharing experiences, and controlled, postive venting of pent-up feelings. This workshop begins with a preamble addressed to both mothers and daughters. During the workshop, mothers and daughters will separate for a time long enough to define the issues that most concern them, then the two groups will come together for discussion and sharing. Workbooks, featuring material for both mothers and daughters, will be used as tools for guiding workshop participants to a place of more effective communication, self-understanding, and mutual respect and understanding. Both mothers and daughters will grow during this workshop. Participants should expect frank discussion and candid experiences. This workshop invites women to talk about their personal experiences within a caring, healing circle of women, and provides opportunities for each woman to be celebrated for the life she has lived thus far, and the person she is on her way to becoming.